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Planned National Long-Term Care Insurance Program in Critical Condition

The Obama administration may be on the brink of scuttling the CLASS Act, a new national long-term care insurance ... 

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Dad, Can We Talk? Answers to 9 Top Questions About Discussing Long-Term Care Planning

At what point is it appropriate for grown children, spouses, caregivers or friends to attempt to discuss ...

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Study Finds Top Nursing Home Chains' Focus on Low Labor Costs Reduces Care Quality

A new analysis reveals that the largest for-profit nursing homes typically maintain staffing levels nearly one-third lower than no...

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Specialists Help Seniors Buy or Sell a Home

Seniors who are buying or selling a house often have very different issues than younger buyers and sellers...

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Medicare's Nursing Home Rating System Is Misleading, NY Times Finds

From hotels to movies, a five-star rating denotes top quality.  But this is not necessarily the case with nursing homes, according to a recent New York Times investigation. 

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Elder Abuse Web Site Offers Resources and Contacts

As our population ages, abuse of the elderly is becoming a growing problem.Elder abuse can tak...

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Courts Reject "Urban Legend" That Medicare Nursing Coverage Requires Improvement

Two federal courts in the past two months have ruled that Medicare's coverage of skilled care does not require ...

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Nursing Home's Relaxed Care Philosophy Does Not Exempt It From Federal Law

A Tennessee judge upholds a stiff penalty against a nursing home that allows residents to take "reasonable risks" ...

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