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Helping families plan ahead or cope with an impending crisis.

Being well-informed about estate and long-term care planning issues is essential in today's society. The failure to plan can often lead to unnecessary expense and stress upon the death or disability of a family member, and could even prove catastrophic.

These ten guides discuss the basic components of estate and long-term care planning in order to help families like yours both plan now in advance of a future need and deal with an impending life event, generally the need for long-term care. The guides won't necessarily answer all your questions, but they do outline the fundamental strategies for protecting savings and obtaining appropriate care.

The Key Elements of an Estate Plan

A Long-Term Care Insurance Primer

The Probate Process: What to Do Following a Death

Alternatives to Nursing Home Care

Nursing Homes: Placement and Resident Rights

The Basic Rules of Medicaid Eligibility

Medicaid Rules, etc

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