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Proving Age Discrimination Is Difficult

As baby boomers continue to work past retirement age, age discrimination lawsuits are becoming more common.

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Senior Move Managers Help Make Moving Easier

Moving can be stressful for anyone and especially so for seniors.

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Federal Government Is Getting Rid of Popular Reverse Mortgage Option

The federal government is eliminating its most popular reverse mortgage.

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Communicating End-of-Life Wishes Pays Off Where Aggressive Treatment Is the Norm

A new study finds that when medical personnel know what kind of care a patient wants at the end of life, Medicare can be spared ..

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47 Secret Veterans' Benefits for Seniors

Many veterans don't realize all the benefits available to them.

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New Approach Reduces Unwanted Medical Treatments at End of Life

Nursing home patients are less likely to be subjected to unwanted medical interventions or hospitalizations under a program ...

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How Risky Is Buying a Limited-Duration Long-Term Care Insurance Policy?

More consumers are buying shorter-duration policies as a way to keep the cost of long-term care insurance affordable ...

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Company Offers Gravesite Upkeep Services Nationwide

Seniors who plan to opt for burial when they die are sometimes concerned that no one will care for their gravesite ...

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