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Dementia Patient May Face Murder Charges in Death of Fellow Nursing Home Resident

Pennsylvania prosecutors have charged a 78-year-old dementia patient with assault and are weighing murder charges ...

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New Report Offers Ideas for Including Long-Term Care Services in Health Care Reform

A policy report presents four policy options for including long-term care support in health care reform ...

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The Top 10 Health Care Mistakes Made By the Elderly

Americans are living longer than ever before, but many older Americans could better deal with their health problems,...

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Daily Money Managers Can Help Assist Seniors with Financial Matters

Having difficulty keeping on top of your bills?Maybe a daily money manager can help...

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Giving Your Home to Your Children Can Have Tax Consequences

Many people wonder if it is a good idea to give their home to their children...

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Jumbo Reverse Mortgages Are Increasingly Available for High-Value Homes

Seniors with pricier homes now have an increased ability to get a jumbo reverse mortgage in order to raise cash for retirement.

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District Attorney Charged with Defrauding Nursing Home Is Jailed

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, on trial for bribery and fraud, including defrauding a nursing home, pleaded guilty ...

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Retirement Heist: How Companies Plunder and Profit from the Nest Eggs of American Workers

The news is full of stories about how private-sector retiree pensions and health insurance plans are in financial trouble.

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