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How to Vote While in a Nursing Home

Although voting is the hallmark of a democracy, it isn't easy if you are in a long-term care facility.

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2009 Long-Term Care Insurance Prices Rise Slightly, Range Widely

A 55-year-old individual considering long-term care insurance protection can expect to pay $723 a year if married or $1,060 if single, according...

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New Rules Would Give Home Health Care Workers Wage Protections

The Obama Administration is proposing to extend minimum wage and overtime protections to home health care workers ...

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How to Reduce Long-Term Care Insurance Costs

While long-term care insurance can be a good way to pay for a nursing home stay or a home health care worker, it doesn't come cheap. 

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Bankers Life Long-Term Care Insurance Policyholders Report Problems Getting Paid

Buying long-term care insurance is supposed to be a good thing--it means you are prepared to meet your long-term care needs...

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Avoid Disagreements Between Your Power of Attorney Holder and Health Care Proxy

Because the individuals will have to coordinate your care, it is important to pick two people who will get along ...

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Seniors Often Must Fight for Medicare Home Health Benefits

Medicare is mandated to cover your home health benefits with no limit on the time you are covered.

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12 Interview Questions to Ask an In-Home Aide

Picking the right aide to care for your loved one is not easy.

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