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When Getting Financial Advice, Don't Be Fooled by Impressive-Sounding Credentials

A "certified senior advisor" may sound like a trustworthy person to provide investment advice to the elderly, but beware.

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Gifts to Grandchildren: 529 Accounts

This type of account, named for Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code, enables you to reduce your taxable estate while earmarking funds for the higher education of a grandchild (or any other family member). 

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The U.S. Supreme Court Rules Gay Spouse Is Entitled to Estate Tax Refund

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a key provision of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional, clearing the way for the surviving spouse of a lesbian couple to receive a refund of the taxes she was forced to pay because the federal government did not consider her married to her spouse

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Second Marriages and Life Insurance

As second marriages become more and more common, beneficiary designations become more complicated.

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Financial Industry Regulator Issues Warning on Senior Designations

The brokerage industry's largest regulator has issued a warning about financial advisors' use of titles that sound impressive but ...

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Bankruptcy May Be the Better Choice for Debt-Laden Seniors

The conventional wisdom is that you should always pay off your debts, but that may not always make the most financial sense for seniors.

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Court Rules Surviving Spouses of Reverse Mortgage Holders Cannot Lose Homes

A federal court has ruled that banks can’t foreclose on surviving spouses of reverse mortgage holders when the spouses can’t pay off the mortgage. 

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Medicare Beneficiaries: Make Sure Your Equipment Supplier Works With Medicare

In October, Medicare beneficiary David P.was shocked to see a charge of more than $1,000 on his credit card statement ... 

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