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On Your Own: A Widow's Passage to Emotional and Financial Well-Being

  • August 24th, 2018


Alexandra Armstrong, CFP, and Mary R. Donahue, PhD. On Your Own: A Widow's Passage to Emotional and Financial Well-Being. 4th Edition. Armstrong, Fleming, & Moore, Inc., Washington, DC. 2006. 415 pages.

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Becoming a widow at any age is one of the most difficult crises any woman has to face. Not only is there the emotional loss of a husband, but also the task of handling all the finances without the help of a spouse. On Your Own provides a guide to achieving emotional and financial well-being after the loss of a husband.

The authors, a financial planner whose mother was widowed at 48 and a widowed psychologist, have extensive experience assisting widows and believe that emotional recovery is connected to financial knowledge. The authors provide assistance with emotional issues, such as how to cope with the loss, find support groups, and identify needs. With regard to financial matters, the authors explain how to get organized, work with financial advisors, find the appropriate resources, and develop a budget. In addition, chapters discuss how to develop a long-term financial plan and protect assets, as well as explaining investment options and guidelines.

Each chapter includes the stories of four widows of different ages and circumstances to illustrate each stage of recovery. Written with compassion and understanding, On Your Own is an invaluable resource for any woman who has lost a husband.

Last Modified: 08/24/2018

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