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So, You've Been Appointed Trustee of a Trust? Here Are 9 Do's and 1 Don't

Whether it's an honor or a burden (or both), you have been appointed trustee of a trust.

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Beware "Living Trust" Scams

Around this time of year, unscrupulous companies step up their efforts to market costly living trusts to older Ameri...

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Understanding the Differences Between a Will and a Trust

Everyone has heard the terms "will" and "trust," but not everyone knows the differences between the two...

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Charitable Remainder Trusts: Income for Life and a Good Deed at Death

Instead of leaving money to a charity in your will, you can put that money into a charitable remainder trust and collect income wh...

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Providing for Your Pet with a Trust

A pet can be a member of the family, but what happens to your pet after you are gone?

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What Is a Trust Protector and When Might You Need One?

Trust protectors -- long popular in offshore trusts set up by high rollers -- are now gaining popularity in trusts established her...

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A Brief Overview of a Trustee's Duties

A trust is a legal arrangement through which one person (or an institution, such as a bank or law firm), called a...

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Whitney Houston's Estate Plan Illustrates Use of Testamentary Trust

Whitney Houston's tragic death provides an example of how a trust that takes effect upon death can work ... 

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