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5 Things to Know to Reduce Your Tax on Capital Gains

The one tax you may be able to avoid or minimize most through planning is the tax on capital gains.

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Provision in Will to Kill the Cat Found Invalid

A Chicago judge has reversed a death sentence that has been hanging over Boots the cat for months ... 

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What Is the Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax?

The estate tax gets all the press, but if you are leaving property to a grandchild, there is an additional tax you should know abo...

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Federal Court Rules That Gay Widow Is Entitled to Estate Tax Refund

Finding that the Defense of Marriage Act's denial of equal benefits to same-sex couples violates the Constitution, a federal court...

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Prenuptial Agreements Can Be an Estate Planning Tool

As more and more people marry more than once, prenuptial agreements have become an important estate planning tool...

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Gay Widow Sues Feds Over Estate Tax Payment

The surviving spouse of a lesbian couple is suing the federal government for reimbursement of the $350,000 tax bill ...

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Is My Will Still Valid If I Move to Another State?

Among all the changes you must make when you move to a new state -- driver's license, voter registration -- don't forget y...

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Letting a Computer Plan Your Estate: Is It Worth the Risk?

ElderLawAnswers tested three leading online will preparation and estate planning programs ...

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