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Estate Planning

"Will the State Take My Home?"

"Will the State take my home if I go into a nursing home?" I am asked this question more than any other. Many people are concerned about Medicaid paying for their nursing facility care and state government coming in and...

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College Savings Plan Now Completely Tax-Free

An attractive way of getting money out of an estate while helping a grandchild pay for college just got even more appealing. Under the recently enacted tax law, starting in 2002 earnings from so-called 529 accounts will no longer...

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Ex-Wife Able to Claim Former Husband's Estate

The Court of Appeals of Mississippi rules that a will executed before a couple divorced and divided their property was still valid when the ex-husband died four years later. Hinders, et al. v. Hinders (Miss. Ct. App., No. 2000-CA-01779-COA, Jan.

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Probate Versus Trusts: Why All the Fuss?

Although it is true that a living trust has several benefits, it is not the panacea for an allegedly inevitable and costly probate experience. This article will discuss those benefits and compare them with a typical Probate experience in Connecticut.

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