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Laura L. Ergood

Ergood Law, LLC

Laura L. Ergood

Ergood Law, LLC

Laura L. Ergood

Ergood Law, LLC

Laura L. Ergood, Esq. is an Estate and Elder Law attorney, a former prosecutor, business owner, mother, wife, friend, and daughter of a mother suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. Her life experiences have allowed her to understand life’s hardships, and at the same time enabled her to cherish life’s rewards. She understands what her clients are experiencing, and her empathy, combined with her knowledge of the law, offers her clients much needed support and legal assistance in a timely and effective way.She has served clients & residents of New Jersey over the past two decades.

Most recently, she was proud to be named among SJ Magazine's 2016 "Top Attorneys" and South Jersey Magazine’s 2016 “Awesome Attorneys.” Her passion for estate and elder law has driven a client roster that appreciate Laura’s down-to-earth authenticity, thoroughness and expertise combined with a collaborative approach that makes even the most difficult nuances of the law accessible. She empowers clients, by protecting and administering the assets of real legacies and advocating and equipping clients with knowledge and plans as their needs and lives evolve. Laura is committed to guiding and working with clients to help them focus on the importance of asset protection and wealth preservation, business succession planning, estate planning and administration and a full range of elder law matters, including long-term care and Medicaid planning.

Laura earned her juris doctorate, cum laude, from Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Rutgers College, Rutgers University.

Firm Description

A Legal Firm Where the Client Always Comes First
Our clients are a diverse set of individuals and families that share our guiding principles. Many seek counsel in times of a crisis. An individual is seeking to put their affairs in order or their children are attempting to pick up the pieces of an estate after a death. Estate and inheritance tax returns need to be filed. A couple is seeking options on how to best fund a sudden need for long term care. Others are seeking a strategic plan for the future to protect their assets.

Elder Law & Trust and Estate Planning Attorney
NJ NAELA Chapter President 2020-2021


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