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Daniel Fong

Fong Law Group

Daniel Fong

Fong Law Group

Daniel Fong

Fong Law Group

Daniel Fong has been practicing law since 1994 and he is licensed in both California and Hawaii. He graduated with distinction at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Following graduation, he worked at the State Legislature of Hawaii as a legislative assistant, responsible for analysis of legislation and acting as a liaison between the Asian-Pacific community and the State Legislature. Seeing that many Asian immigrants were marginalized in the community due to language and cultural barriers, Mr. Fong entered William S. Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawaii with a view to serving the immigrant community.  When he was a law student, he was selected as an intern to Hawaii’s Department of Attorney General because of his outstanding academic performance.

Mr. Fong’s interest in elder law and estate planning stems from his personal background. When he was a legislative intern at the State Legislature of Hawaii, he performed research on various issues affecting elderly such as long-term care. After he became a law student, he participated in the Law School’s Elder Law Clinic where he helped elderly people prepare simple wills, advanced health care directives, powers of attorney, etc. His experience made him determined to be an advocate for the elderly. Elder law is a specialized field that requires specialized training. Mr. Fong received specialized training in elder law from the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) of which he is a member. In addition, Mr. Fong is active in the Elder Law section of Beverly Hills Bar Association and the Trust and Estate section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association. Mr. Fong is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. Mr. Fong’s practice consists of the following areas: Medi-Cal Qualification Planning; Medi-Cal Crisis Planning; Asset Protection, Incapacity Planning, Wills and Trusts, and Conservatorship.

Mr. Fong is active in the community. At present, he serves a legal advisor for several community organizations including the Chinese Benevolent Consolidate Association. He also holds a monthly workshop to educate the general public in understanding how to protect their family security from predators.

Firm Description

Fong Law Group

  • 300 S. Garfield Ave., Suite 206-207
  • Monterey Park, CA 91754
  • Tel: (626) 289-8299

Fong Law Group is a premiere law firm in Southern California. We have been serving Southern California for more than a decade. We are a boutique law firm focusing on meeting clients’ needs. Over the years we have successfully handled numerous cases, winning plaudits from our clients, as can be seen in our clients’ testimonials. Our principal, Mr. Daniel Fong, has been practicing law since 1994. He currently serves as a legal advisor for the Chinese Consolidated benevolent Association. Mr. Fong also worked at the Hong Kong office of Baker and McKenzie, one of the largest international law firms of the world. Our practice areas include elder law and estate planning, asset protection, conservator ship, and immigration law,

Elder law and estate planning is a niche of the Fong Law Group. Elder law is a highly specialized and sophisticated field. Our principal, Mr. Fong, is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorney (NAELA). The importance of elder law is underscored by the fact about one in every eight Americans is age 65 and over. As our population ages, more and more people need to apply for long-term care. The cost of a nursing home ranges from $8,000 to $ 10,000 a month. Because of the high cost, most Californians have to rely on Medi-Cal to pay for their long-term care. Medi-Cal, however, is not open to everyone. It is a means-tested program that scrutinizes the financial status of the applicant. The Fong Law Group assists elderly in qualifying for Medi-Cal while preserving their assets. We can devise an asset protection plan to protect your assets from the government, lawsuits, and other predators. This may involve the transfer or re-titling of assets and gifting. We can even set up a Medi-Cal Asset Protection Trust or a special needs trust that can provide for the supplemental needs and comfort of your loved one. Our elder law and estate planning practice also includes revocable living trusts, wills, durable powers of attorney, health care proxies, and conservatorship.

Fong Law Group Testimonials:

“My husband and I were extremely pleased with the service and documents we received from Fong Law Group. Mr. Fong walked us through the process of creating our trusts with great patience and understanding for us as new clients. He explained all our options and we felt we could make the best informed decision for our estate. Thanks to Mr. Fong, we have peace knowing that our documents are expertly drawn and field.” ~Lyly

“Mr. Fong was very patient during our meetings. Advanced healthcare directives and durable powers of attorney are not fun things to discuss. But they are very important to have. Insurance companies and hospitals refused to deal with me even though I have been the primary caretaker of my mother for years. Because of the documents prepared by Mr. Fong, I can act on behalf of my mother. The documents give me a sense of security and the peace of mind. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Fong based on his knowledge and client service.” ~Jackie

“My father had terminal cancer and spent his last days in a nursing home. Because his assets exceed the limitations of Medi-Cal, we had to pay more than $7,000 a month to cover the nursing home costs. We went to Mr. Fong’s office for consultation. He walked us through each step, was kind, was understanding, and was very helpful explaining all the issues we faced. He set up a Medi-Cal Asset Protection Trust for my father. As a result, my father qualified for Medi- Cal in less than two months. I will certainly recommend Fong Law Group to anyone I know needing estate planning service.” ~Peter

“My father was suddenly in a coma. Before he went into a coma, he did not sign any authorization documents. Mr. Fong carefully studied my father’s case and investigated different options. He filed an emergency petition at the court, transferring my father’s assets to my mother. As a result, my father could qualify for Medi-Cal, and our family would not have to worry that the government would take away the family home upon my father’s death.” ~Stella

“I am a small business owner. I was sued by my business partner. Fortunately, A friend of mine had recommended Mr. Fong to me. Mr. Fong had formulated an asset protection plan for me before the lawsuit happened. Because of the asset protection plan I had, my business partner agreed to drop the lawsuit and settled the case with me for a very small amount of money. Asset protection is very important to business owners and professionals. I would recommend anyone needing asset protection to Mr. Fong.” ~Patrick


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