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Do the Healthy Spouse's Assets Have to Stay Under the Limit After Medicaid Is Approved?

  • April 16th, 2014
My husband is in a nursing home and is on Medicaid. All his income is going to the nursing home except for a small sum to pay for his portion of health insurance and for personal needs. I have a pension and Social Security of my own and my assets are less than the $115,000 resource allowance at the time he applied for Medicaid.  My question is: If I have more income and lower expenses, can I save the surplus monies in a savings account even if I eventually have more than $115,000?

Good question. Yes, you should be able to accumulate savings above the $115,000 resource allowance. I always compare this limit to dancing the limbo. You have to get under it so that your husband can be eligible for Medicaid, but after he has been approved you no longer have to stay under the limit. My only concern is that while this is the general rule, there may be some states that have a different regulation. To be sure, you’ll need to consult with an elder law attorney in your state.

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Last Modified: 04/16/2014

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