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How Do I Get Reimbursed from My Father's Estate for Care I Provided Before He Died?

  • November 18th, 2015
My father recently died, and my sister is executor of his estate. An attorney is in charge of the probate and waiting for all bills to come in before settling the estate. I cared for my father for the past two years without help from anyone else in my family. Because of my help, my dad was able to remain in his home as he wished. I advised my family that I wanted to be reimbursed for my help and time off work after my father died, but now my family and the attorney will not talk to me about this. I intend to submit a bill for the care I gave to him. Do I need to have an attorney to assist me with this? Is there a certain acceptable way to bill for my care? 

You are in an unfortunate situation, which is not that unusual. Family members often provide assistance without nailing down how much compensation is due, if any. You very well may have a claim against the estate. Given that your family and the probate attorney are not forthcoming, we would recommend that you do retain an attorney to represent you. In all likelihood, given the size of your father’s estate, you will not get everything you are due, but without an attorney it sounds like you might get nothing. To find an attorney near you, go here:

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