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Robert Jutras

Robert A. Jutras, Esquire

Robert Jutras

Robert A. Jutras, Esquire

Robert Jutras

Robert A. Jutras, Esquire

Bob has been practicing law for twenty years and is licensed in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. Bob attended the University of New Hampshire and graduated with degrees in Business Administration with minors in Economics and Philosophy. He subsequently completed his legal training at the University of Maine School of Law, graduating in May 1988. An interdisciplinary team approach provides innovative and winning strategies for Bob's clients.

During Bob's first decade as a lawyer, he primarily litigated commercial, business, personal injury and family law disputes. The financial and emotional cost of the traditional litigation model to Bob's clients has caused him to redirect his professional energy. Although Bob still litigates appropriate cases, he now guides clients toward a collaborative and peaceful solution to their legal problems. In the collaborative approach, clients maintain control, reduce legal fees and the emotional turmoil associated with litigation, all while maintaining privacy which does not exist in the litigation model.

Bob is a general practitioner with an extensive background in family law, elder and Medicaid planning, estate planning, probate administration, business and corporate law, and personal injury. Bob believes that all clients' legal issues are deserving of 100% attention. Bob recognizes the emotional and financial difficulty which we all experience when addressing difficult legal issues. Each client's specific needs, goals and objectives are carefully and thoroughly discussed. Combining legal excellence with creative thinking, a course is then charted to accomplish the client's goals.

Firm Description

"We seek to fully understand each client's goals and needs as we provide a cost-effective and customized solution."

Divorce and Family Law
We ensure that the client's best interests are protected as we guide each client through the entire divorce process while maintaining a sense of control, and helping their family obtain closure in a peaceful and respectful way.

Elder and Medicaid Planning
We empower seniors to take control of their finances and their future while maintaining their dignity and privacy.

Estate Planning
We help clients gain control over their medical and financial future and eliminate the concern about the unknown for their children and family.

Probate Administration
We assist families to ensure integrity and trust in the probate process while carrying out the wishes of their loved ones.

Business and Corporate Law
As general counsel, we strive to bring a constructive and imaginative outlook to business transactions, believing that clients require solutions, not just legal analyses of their problems.

Personal Injury
We listen to every person's concerns and fears while compassionately guiding them through the difficult settlement process and maximizing their compensation for their injuries.

General Practice
With a broad base of insight and experience, it is our priority to guide you and your family through the challenges of life with compassion and creative thinking while resolving each issue as they arise.


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