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Michael C. Rudolph Esq.

Michael C. Rudolph, Esq. P.A.

Michael C. Rudolph Esq.

Michael C. Rudolph, Esq. P.A.

Michael C. Rudolph Esq.

Michael C. Rudolph, Esq. P.A.

At the law office of Michael C. Rudolph, Esq., P.A., in Kinnelon, New Jersey, I help clients of all generations with their estate planning needs. My Elder Law clients include senior citizens and their families who need asset protection, Medicaid planning and Medicaid applications (including Qualified Income Trusts).  I also represent families with adult children and grandchildren who need advice on how to minimize estate and inheritance taxes and asset protection.  In addition, families with young children look to me for guidance in making plans for the financial protection of their children in case of an unforeseen disaster, as well as the proper designation of guardians for minor children.  My clients also include individuals and couples who have no children but who, nevertheless, have planning issues that must be addressed. I am equally comfortable handling the needs of civil union couples. Frequently, the adult children of my senior citizen clients ask me to help them with estate planning to avoid some of the problems their parents have experienced.

I continue to represent individuals and small businesses in selected corporate and real estate transactions. Although I no longer accept new traditional divorce cases, I do represent clients in Medicaid divorces as one of the tools to assist couples who face the potentially devastating financial consequences that can occur when one spouse enters a nursing home, and I draft pre-nuptial agreements for clients who are about to enter into second marriages or who marry for the first time later in life. I have been a lawyer for 50 years and have handled just about every type of case imaginable. My diverse background has given me the experience necessary to represent my clients zealously and efficiently. Combined with the patience to get the job done for my clients, I provide the personal attention clients expect and need. I take the time to understand the goals and concerns of my clients and develop customized solutions designed specifically to accommodate their needs. I respond promptly to all inquiries and typically return phone calls and emails within one business day. When a client calls needs representation in an area of law I do not handle, I usually can make a referral to someone who can help.

Firm Description

As people enter their Golden Years, it is important for them to plan properly for a time when they may not be able to care for themselves and, eventually, when they die. It's not a subject people like to think about, but it is a fact of life that needs to be treated seriously. As a Senior Citizen myself, I understand not only the laws affecting Seniors but the family issues as well.

Elder Law is all about being prepared.  My philosophy can be summed up in six words:  THINK AHEAD. PLAN AHEAD. ACT NOW!  It applies to all aspects of life, especially to estate and asset protection planning.  If you wait for a crisis to happen before taking action, your options can be severely limited. In my firm, we customize plans for our clients to include wills, financial powers of attorney, medical directives and living wills. Where appropriate, we include trust provisions in wills or draft separate revocable or irrevocable living trusts. When a guardianship is necessary, we can handle the court proceedings necessary to achieve the desired result.  And when clients die, we can help with probate and estate administration.

Elder Law planning is estate planning on steroids.  It frequently is done with a view toward asset preservation and Medicaid qualification if the client needs public assistance to finance long term care and protection of the well spouse who is able to remain in the community. THINK AHEAD. PLAN AHEAD. ACT NOW! is especially important for Senior and Super-Senior citizens because of the greater likelihood that a crisis situation will occur and because there is less time for you to put a plan into effect than when you were younger. The Medicaid laws are complicated and confusing, and the Medicaid application process can be intimidating and frustrating. We are experienced in processing those applications and can help to facilitate the process.

On or about October 1, 2018m, I will be moving the primary office to 85 Newark-Pompton Turnpike, Riverdale, NJ 07457 where I will join my partner Robert J. Bloodgood.  The telephone new number now is (973)-208-2900.  Press 4 to bypass the introductory message.  Calls to my existing telephone will be forwarded.  The new email address now is Messaages to my old email address will be forwarded.  After October 1st, I will still maintain my Kinnelon office as a satellite (154 Boonton Avenue).

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