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Gerald I. Street

Street & Ellis, PA

Gerald I. Street

Street & Ellis, PA

Gerald I. Street

Street & Ellis, PA

I have been an attorney for over 40 years and decided to concentrate my practice in issues confronting families and those special issue related to aging, more than 20 years ago.   I made that decision after personally experiencing the concerns, complexity and confusion of helping my own parnets through their later years.     I had to retunr to school to learn a great deal more about trusts planning, taxes, long term care planning,elder law, probate, veterans bebefits, medicaid planning and nursing home issues to name just a few.  I enjoy working with families who care aobut their parents quality of life and have worked with hundreds of them navigatinig governments rules and regulations.  I'm a father of four and have 8.5 granschildren ( another one is on the way) so I understand family dynamics.  I have been very active in mnay community organizations as I believe in giving back to the community.

Firm Description

Our practice is heavily focused on issues confronted by the family and especially aging parents.  For decades Gerald I. Street has established a reputation for practical solutions and helping families resolve their concerns aobut care, finances, legacy to their children, taxes,to name just a few.

Mr. Street has been through the estate planning and probate administration processes with his own parents and now helping his wife with her parent's aging issues. He understands the challenges of caring for aging parents, attention to funeral arrangements and the probate administration process, long term care costs, asset protectioon, taxes, trust, financial and medicadi planning.  He is experienced n long term care insurance and annuity planning as well as reverse and traditional mortgage planning. they are all potential tools to help pay for care but first is to determine the quality of care needed.


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