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Emanuel Haas

Haas & Zaltz, LLP

Emanuel Haas

Haas & Zaltz, LLP

Emanuel Haas

Haas & Zaltz, LLP

Emanuel Haas, Esq. has been practicing law in the fields of elder law and estate planning for more than two decades. He holds a J.D. from Rutgers University. In addtion, he holds a Ph.D. in economics from City College in New York. Before opening his law practice, Mr. Haas worked for AT&T and Nynex. He lives in Airmont, New York, with his wife, Susan, and has three grown children and ten grandchildren.

Stephen Haas, Esq. graduated from Pace University School of Law in 2002, where he finished in the top 3% of his class and served on Pace Law Review. He has been working with his father for the past several years. Stephen also serves as Education Director for National Paralegal College. He lives in Chestnut Ridge, New York with his wife, Miriam, and daughters, Naomi and Michal. Stephen is licensed in New York and New Jersey.

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Know that your assets are protected from the devastating costs of long-term care and estate taxes. With carefully planning, your hard work and investments will transfer to your next generation and send a powerful message of your care and concern for their futures.

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