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David B. McLean

David B. McLean, Attorney and Counselor at Law

David B. McLean

David B. McLean, Attorney and Counselor at Law

David B. McLean

David B. McLean, Attorney and Counselor at Law

David has been practicing in the areas of Elder Law, Medicaid, Guardianship, Probate and Estate Planning since 1999. He brings to this area of law a keen interest in issues surrounding the aging population and a desire to make complex issues easily understandable. The more a client understands the workings of the Medicaid system or how the Court handles a guardianship action, the better equipped the client is to make good decisions. David’s practice of law has also been greatly informed and enhanced by his experience in counseling courses, gained as he obtained a Masters of Divinity.

David obtained his Bachelor of Arts at Furman University in Greenville, SC, majoring in Political Science and French, and his Masters of Divinity at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville KY, emphases in higher education and world religions. He obtained Juris Doctor from Wake Forest University School of Law. He also participated in the Legal Clinic for the Elderly while at Wake Forest.

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ESTATE PLANNING is preparation for the future, where you may state how your estate should be distributed following your passing:

Last Will and Testament
Trusts—Revocable and Irrevocable

ADVANCE DIRECTIVES are documents that nominate agents to handle your personal, medical and financial affairs during your lifetime, if you are ever cognitively impaired and cannot speak for yourself:

Continuing (a/k/a “Durable”) Power of Attorney
Health Care Power of Attorney
Advanced Directive For a Natural Death (“Living Will”)

MEDICAID is a government-regulated and financed program that can help with the costs of long-term care in a skilled nursing facility or in assisted living. It can be very difficult and challenging to obtain eligibility for Medicaid. We can help explain the laws and regulations governing Medicaid in a logical, clear way. We continually monitor changes in Federal and North Carolina law regarding eligibility for such programs. From the extensive Medicaid application to approval by the Department of Social Services, we can professionally assist in the process.

GUARDIANSHIP is a proceeding before a county Clerk of Superior Court, to recognize that someone who is cognitively impaired needs to have their rights protected by someone else, as Guardian. Guardianship can be “of the Person,” “of the Estate,” or both.

PROBATE (ESTATE ADMINISTRATION) is the Court-supervised process for paying a deceased person’s debts and carrying out his or her wishes as contained in their Last Will. Or, probate may mean following the laws of the State for a person who dies without a will. The process begins with the filing of the Last Will and Testament at a county Courthouse’s Estates Division, if an Executor has been named in the Will, or with the appointment of an Administrator, if there is no Will. From start to finish, we assist with all legal services necessary to complete the Probate/Estate process.

SPECIAL NEEDS TRUSTS (also known as “supplemental needs trusts”) are established for the benefit of a disabled beneficiary. This process allows the beneficiary to receive gifts, settlements or judgments from lawsuits, inheritances or other funds, and yet not lose his or her eligibility for certain needs-based government programs, such as Medicaid or SSI.


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