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Anne Hydorn

Law Office of Anne Hydorn

Anne Hydorn

Law Office of Anne Hydorn

Anne Hydorn

Law Office of Anne Hydorn

Several years before I became a law firm partner, my mother-in-law developed a serious and debilitating illness that required both in-patient and out-patient medical care. I watched my mother-in-law go from a thriving, vibrant woman to someone who needed regular on-going care with daily living at a fairly young age by today’s standards.

Our family estate plan did not consider her circumstances. These were new and unexpected events in our lives. Our stress skyrocketed as we tried to figure out how to address my mother-in-law’s health issues. How would we pay for her needed care? Would my in-laws potentially lose all the assets they had worked so hard throughout their lives to save? What did we need to do? Who do we go to? Who can help us? Does she need assisted living? What happens if something happens to her primary caregiver – my father-in-law?

During those months and the years that followed, I became acutely aware of the need for trusted and caring advisors in this area, the lack of resources available, and the growing need for attorneys and others who specialize in helping our senior population. When we finally found the help we needed from a wonderful and caring elder law attorney, we felt so much relief. We finally had someone to help us navigate the unknown. This experience weighed on my heart for a long time.

As time passed, I continued to feel a strong draw to this needed and specialized legal field. I followed my heart, and now use my legal experience to serve families with elder law and estate planning needs. I serve others with compassion and kindness. My goal is to help individuals and families prepare for asset protection in all stages of life, including preparing for the large expense of long-term care, and to provide trusted and compassionate legal advice and resources for our seniors who are so deserving of respect and dignity during a time of their life when they may be more vulnerable due to age or illness.

Firm Description

My law office offers comprehensive and personalized elder law and estate planning services throughout Brentwood, East Contra Costa County, and the greater Central Valley area. As an attorney who practices law with care and compassion, I understand and appreciate the value of truly listening to your concerns and your family’s personal circumstances. I work hard to ensure that you receive quality legal services that I tailor to your unique circumstances so that you can have peace of mind knowing your estate plan meets your needs and goals. I help families plan now so that they can avoid having to make stressful decisions during a crisis later. I provide tangible value by helping seniors protect their hard-earned assets from the risk of rising long-term care costs, and help prevent the burdens families face when the unexpected happens without a properly-designed estate plan.  Of course, sometimes a crisis does occur before you have the chance to plan for it. I am here to help you through those times, too. I really care about my clients and making sure they have a quality experience no matter what their circumstances may be. I am happy to offer in-home visits and consultations to accommodate your family’s needs and provide flexibility to make things easier for you or your loved ones.


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