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Does an Executor Need to Hire an Estate Attorney Who Actually Lives in the Decedent's State?

  • November 16th, 2016
I live in North Carolina and am the executor for my aunt who lives in New York. I need to hire an estate lawyer. Can I hire a lawyer who lives in North Carolina, or does the lawyer have to live in New York?  Or is it all about where the lawyer is approved to practice?

It is all about where the attorney is approved to practice, but we recommend hiring a lawyer practicing in the state where the probate administration will occur. Too much depends on local practice to rely simply on the laws as stated. In addition, a lawyer who is doing a lot of probate work in a particular court may be more efficient and thus less expensive than one who is handling a single case. To find an elder law attorney in New York, go here: http://www.elderlawanswers.com/new-york-elder-law-attorneys.

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