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Will Medicaid Exempt Mortgage Payments on a Jointly Owned Home?

  • December 11th, 2013
I own a house with my 79-year-old mother.  Both our names are on the loan that we have had for 15 years.  She now is in need of a nursing home, but we still have a mortgage together and I depend on receiving payment for her half of the mortgage -- $600 each month. If she goes into a nursing home, will they leave that amount to pay for her half of the mortgage each month? 

I’m sorry to have a discouraging answer. I assume you are expecting that Medicaid will cover your mother’s nursing home care. If so, she must pay all of her income, less a few allowances, to the facility. Unfortunately, they do not permit deductions for maintaining her former home.

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Last Modified: 12/11/2013

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