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What Should I Expect When I Hire An Elder Law Attorney?

  • September 13th, 2016
I am considering engaging an elder law attorney to help with the Medicaid eligibility review, processing, and protection planning for my mother who needs to go to a nursing home. I want to make sure I choose the right attorney for this task since the costs for these legal services can be high. When hiring an elder law attorney, what should we expect for this service and what should we expect to gain in return?

That’s an excellent question. You should receive at least three benefits from hiring an elder law attorney: First, an explanation of how the rules work regarding Medicaid eligibility, the planning options available to your mother, and the process of being admitted to the facility and applying for benefits. Second, based on these rules and options and your mother’s situation, the attorney should assist you in developing the best possible strategy for her. Third, the attorney and the attorney's staff should assist in you in implementing the plan, whether that involves preparing estate planning documents, filing the Medicaid application, or helping to consolidate and close financial accounts. To find an attorney near you, go here:

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