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How Can We Convince My Father That Moving from the Nursing Home to Our House Is Not an Option?

  • April 21st, 2015
My disabled father is currently in a nursing home but wants to move in with my husband and me.  He needs constant care -- he is on a feeding tube, his colostomy must be regularly changed, he needs bathing and he can't walk and has limited movement of his arms. My husband and I are barely home and would not be able to properly care for him. We have told him this but he is hard-headed and says he will be fine alone.  I am searching for some kind of rules or regulations to prove to him that we could get arrested for elderly neglect. Meanwhile, he is doing everything in his power to get kicked out of the nursing home so that I have no choice but to take him in. Please help!!!! 

You do not have to take your father in, even if he is evicted from the nursing home. In terms of convincing him that you would be at risk of liability if he were to move in with you, I don’t think you’ll find that in black and white. You may be best having a social worker at the facility or a private geriatric care manager talk with your father. Or you could retain an elder law attorney to do so.  

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Last Modified: 04/21/2015

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