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Michelle Berglund

Murphy & Berglund, PLLC

Michelle Berglund

Murphy & Berglund, PLLC

Michelle Berglund

Murphy & Berglund, PLLC

Murphy & Berglund, PLLC was established with the objective of providing estate planning for all Florida residents, from basic will planning to complex trust planning.

As the head of the litigation department, and managing partner at Murphy & Berglund, PLLC, Attorney Michelle A. Berglund-Harper’s practice areas include, but are not limited to, Family Law, Elder law, Medicaid and VA Appeals, Probate planning and administration, Guardianships, Corporate Law and Bankruptcy.

Prior to partnering with Attorney Jodi Murphy in 2011, Mrs. Berglund-Harper ran her own firm (Orlando, FL) which focused primarily on family law, representing victims of domestic violence and business matters.

Firm Description

Anticipate and arrange for the future, secure your assets, and eliminate uncertainties. Together, we will help guide you through all of the steps to prepare your family for when the unexpected happens.

We specialize in all aspects of elder law and handle a wide variety of legal matters affecting seniors, including issues related to health care, long-term care planning, guardianship, retirement, and Medicare/Medicaid.

As VA-accredited attorneys in the state of Florida, we know the ins and outs of Medicaid and Veterans benefits intimately. We can assess your situation and your options for seeking these benefits now and into the future.

Probate isn’t about what you leave, it is about who you leave behind. We can guide you through each step of the process in accordance with Florida Probate Code.


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