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Theresa Morgan

Morgan Law Center

Theresa Morgan

Morgan Law Center

Theresa Morgan

Morgan Law Center

Teresa Byrd Morgan, owner and principal of the firm, is not a “typical” attorney. Clients recognize from their first contact with her or any member of her team that working with Teresa is going to be a different experience than what they expect or have experienced in working with other attorneys.

From the earliest days of her legal career, Teresa has intuitively known that to make a real difference in her clients’ lives, she needed to be more than technically proficient in the law. Accordingly, while she has devoted many years of education and training to the legal-technical areas that are essential to her areas of practice, she has also worked diligently to hone her understanding of non-legal areas that are just as essential, such as the manner in which seniors communicate and listen, family dynamics, and the identification of a client’s “true legacy.” In 2015, Morgan became a Florida Bar Board Certified Elder Law Attorney.

Teresa is a master at explaining complex legal principles and strategies to people at all levels of education, experience, and cognitive ability. She uses stories, diagrams, graphics, and props to help her clients understand the work she is performing for and with them. She understands that repetition is often essential to learning, and for this reason she repeatedly teaches key concepts to her clients not only in her private conferences with them, but also in client and community workshops.

One of Teresa’s primary goals is to ensure that her clients and their families know that she and her team will be there to help them through the life transitions and crises for which they have planned. She has created a planning, implementation, and maintenance process that allows clients and their families to work closely with all of the members of her team so that they will know and feel comfortable with everyone in the firm when their time of need arises.

Firm Description

At Morgan Law Center for Estate, Elder & Legacy Planning, we are dedicated to helping our clients, families, and community identify, capture, and protect their true wealth and pass it forward in a wise and loving manner.

We limit our practice to estate planning, elder law, probate and trust administration, asset protection, and business succession planning.


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