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Keith P Vanover

Vanover Law Firm PA

Keith P Vanover

Vanover Law Firm PA

Keith P Vanover

Vanover Law Firm PA

It’s human nature to put off initiating and implementing seemingly difficult and overwhelming legal arrangements. However, the planning you do today can save your loved ones the uncertainty of not knowing your wishes upon your passing. It will also save them the stress of dealing with difficult medical choices, probate court, and costly estate taxes.

How we can help you:

  • Estate Planning
  • Wills
  • Power of Attorney
  • Trusts

Our elder law attorneys are available to draft any pre-planning documents you require. We’ll make certain that your legal documents are all valid according to Florida law so your family won’t have to worry in the future. If you already have legal documents prepared but would like to have them reviewed for peace of mind, contact The Vanover Law Firm schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys.

We want this to be a positive experience for you. When you schedule a consultation with The Vanover Law Firm, Keith P. Vanover will take the time to discuss your personal, legal, and financial circumstances, as well as address any questions or concerns you have. He will assess your legal options and create a comprehensive and straightforward plan so you can leave feeling positive about the future you’ve secured for your loved ones.




Firm Description

The Vanover Law Firm, P.A. and our Fort Walton Beach attorneys are dedicated to adding value to our clients lives.  Keith P. Vanover is our founder and Elder Law Advocate who carefully helps our clients protect assets from liabilities and Medicaid spend down rules. Keith can provide an Estate Plan package that includes Wills, Financial Power of Attorney, Living Will, Healthcare Surrogate and Trusts for one flat fee. 

Elder Law – Keith P. Vanover - With long term nursing home care costs sky rocketing most Americans need a plan on how to pay for that without losing the families entire life savings. In Okaloosa County the average cost for one month’s stay in a local nursing home is over $9000 a month! (June 2019) If an individual needs Long Term Care Medicaid benefits they would need to spend down their money to only $2000. The Medicaid Rules allow you to keep $2000. When your estate legacy is gone that’s when you will receive the help. By Pre-Planning, you can structure your assets so that they are protected in the future IF you need long term care benefits. Mr. Vanover has a Florida Will/Trust/POA/Surrogate package with all required documents for one flat fee.


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