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George Kozol

Kozol Asset Protection

George Kozol

Kozol Asset Protection

George Kozol

Kozol Asset Protection

Attorney Kozol works exclusively in the areas of asset protection and estate and tax planning, in general and in the context of Medicaid eligibility. These areas of law can be quite complicated, which means that individuals looking for this type of planning will be better served by working with an attorney with many years of relevant experience 

Attorney Kozol is one such attorney. He has over 30 years of experience in the areas of asset protection, estate planning, and income tax planning. These years of experience mean that he can bring an array of asset protection, estate planning, and tax planning ideas to address your specific needs and concerns.

In delivering legal services attorney Kozol strives to keep his overhead low. He does not have an exquisite office, support staff, or significant advertising budget. Instead, he leases space and support serves on an as-needed basis and he relies on online specialists, such as Elder Law Answers, for advertising. By keeping his overehad low he is able to offer affordable fees to his clients. 

Firm Description

Attorney Kozol specializes in addressing the legal needs of older Floridians. These needs center around: (1) protecting the client's assets and income for the client's benefit and for the benefit of his or her spouse, and (2) protecting and preserving the client's estate for the benefit of his or her spouse, children and, in some cases, grandchildren.  

Protecting assets and income can include making use of creditor protection afforded by state law for certain assets, such as IRAs, 401k plan balances, a personal residence and some commercial annuities. In an estate planning context, asset protection and preservation include making use of a will, a revocable trust, a durable power of attorney, various health care documents and for some an irrevocable trust.

In a Medicaid eligibility context, asset protection involves some combination of: a"Miller" trust, intrafamily gifts made via an irrevocable trust and coordinating the funding of the trust with the 5 year look back rule, a Medicaid qualified immediate annuity and a personal care contract. 

Medicaid eligibility is often easier to achieve for married clients because the Medicaid program provides a greater asset and income allowance for the spouse of a Medicaid applicant than is provided for an applicant who is single.   

Attorney Kozol strives to offer custom legal solutions that address the particular needs of each client. 


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