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George Kozol

Kozol Asset Protection

George Kozol

Kozol Asset Protection

George Kozol

Kozol Asset Protection

I specialize in helping individuals who are preparing for retirement, transitioning to retirement or who are already retired. I have found that individuals who are in one of these phases of life share a common perspective – they cannot afford a significant financial loss. It follows then that such an individual is likely to find financial peace of mind by focusing on protecting his or her nest egg and other assets.

I have over 30 years of experience. These years of experience mean that I can bring an array of asset protection, estate planning and tax planning ideas to you. By working together we can develop and implement plans that respond to your needs and concerns.

Firm Description

 Are you retired or approaching retirement? If so, you’re likely thinking about more time for family and leisure activities. Unfortunately, for some, retirement means financial anxiety. Financial anxiety can come from concerns about outliving cash flow and assets. It can come from concerns about what could happen if a chronic illness strikes. Other causes for financial anxiety are worries about protecting family legacies and avoiding family disputes that too often occur when an individual passes.

Protecting You. If you have concerns about these issues you’ve come to the right place. I specialize in helping my clients financially prepare for retirement (it is in sight) or transition to retirement (it is around the corner). For the client who is already retired, I help him or her maintain or improve his or her retirement lifestyle.

I do so by demonstrating easy to understand techniques that can: (1) enhance, protect and extend retirement cash flows; (2) reduce income taxes; (3) reduce or eliminate monthly surcharges on Medicare benefits, surcharges that would otherwise reduce social security benefits, and (4) create a reservoir of funds that can be accessed should the client experience a chronic or critical illness.


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