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Kelly Longtin

Kelly Longtin Law, PLLC

Kelly Longtin

Kelly Longtin Law, PLLC

Kelly Longtin

Kelly Longtin Law, PLLC

As an Estate Planning Attorney, I expect the families I work with to open up to me about their families and their personal lives and finances. It is imperative that you, as my client, feel comfortable doing so in order for me to appropriately help you with your estate planning needs and goals. My philosophy in working with families has been, and always will be, that I care for my clients, the same way I would want someone else to care for my family.

My primary focus is in helping everyday families develop an estate plan that plans for and protects their families when they are no longer able to do so themselves, protecting them from the devastating effects of disability and death, and developing a plan that minimizes taxes, expenses and court involvement. I believe it is important to educate families on their options when it comes to estate planning, and I offer educational seminars and webinars on a variety of estate planning topics to both the general public and private groups as well.

Firm Description

Having an effective estate plan in place requires making sure all your assets fall under the umbrella of your estate plan.  Our team will help ensure this properly happens by coordinating the ownership of your assets, including real estate, bank accounts, and business interests, as well as making sure the beneficiary designations of your retirement plans, life insurance,  and other accounts are set up appropriately.

We take the team approach if you are working with a financial planner.  With your permission we will reach out to your planner to discuss the plan we are putting in place for you.  By doing so, we can ensure that all of your assets are protected, and you have a team in place to provide you with peace of mind about your financial world as well as your legal world.

Having an effective estate plan in place will provide you with a feeling of serenity, knowing your family will be taken care in the event of your disability or death.  We understand that discussing these topics can be difficult, and want you to have a sense of comfort with the plan you have put in place. It is our policy that we do not charge for phone calls once you become a client, as we want you to have the ability to call anytime and get advice or answers to your questions addressed immediately.


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