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Louise M. Paglen

Paglen Law Office

Louise M. Paglen

Paglen Law Office

Louise M. Paglen

Paglen Law Office

Louise Paglen is the owner and founder of Paglen Law Office, a family centered law practice located in the heart of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  After raising their two sons, Louise and her husband, Randy relocated to Alleghany County, North Carolina, drawn by the glorious views, the friendly people, and a community of rural neighbors who believe in being kind to one another. 

Louise Paglen graduated with honors from the University of North Carolina School of Law at Chapel Hill in 1996. She holds a Master in Risk Management and Insurance from Florida State University.  Prior to founding Paglen Law Office, Louise focused her career on helping other lawyers comply with ethical guidelines and avoid legal malpractice claims by managing the risks associated with practicing law.  She now helps families manage the risks of growing older.  

Louise is a member of the North Carolina Bar Association Elder Law and Family Law Sections.  She is a member of ElderCounsel and the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys.  

Louise is married and has two adult sons and two playful dogs.  She enjoys participating in the community, hiking, reading, and spending time with friends, family and nature.  

Firm Description

Paglen Law Office is dedicated to helping seniors and the people who love them plan for and resolve the complex, difficult and emotionally draining legal issues that are associated with aging, disability and special needs populations.   Louise is passionate about utilizing the law for the benefit of her clients and approaches every matter with compassion, integrity and a commitment to excellence.

Louise helps families plan for their own futures and the futures of the people, pets and organizations they love.  She understands that estate planning is not just about money; it’s about hard work, commitment and love.  When Louise helps a client develop an estate plan she knows it is important protect the special needs of children and disabled family members.    She can even help clients plan for the beloved family pet or a favorite charity.

Most people know it’s important to have a will that directs how their property will be distributed after death.  However, many people don’t realize how important it is to also plan for a long life, a disruptive medical crisis, or an accident.  These circumstances can render a person unable to make decisions for themselves or care for their loved ones.    

In the absence of the proper planning tools, families struggling with grieving or managing a medical crisis, may be forced to expose their most private family health matters and finances to complex public proceedings and costly probate fees just so they can make important financial and health care decisions for their loved ones.  Louise helps individuals and families plan for the unexpected so that family matters and family finances remain private and in the family. 

Sometimes the risk of living, is greater than the risk of dying. Thanks to the advances in medicine, health care, nutrition and agriculture, many of us can expect to live very long lives.  Although a long life is a blessing, it can bring tremendous financial challenges that can deplete assets that took a lifetime of hard work and multiple generations to accumulate.  Louise helps families facing a nursing home crisis to protect assets for the benefit of their loved ones and future generations.  Louise uses advanced estate planning and asset protection tools and techniques to help individuals, veterans and their widows, qualify for health care benefits including Medicaid and Veterans Aid and Attendance. 



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