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Ebher Rossi

The Rossi Law Firm

Ebher Rossi

The Rossi Law Firm

Ebher Rossi

The Rossi Law Firm

Every 67 seconds, someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s disease.  I had been a practicing attorney for over a decade when my aunt was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Yet even with my legal background, my family and I were unprepared for the emotional and legal issues that arose as result of my aunt’s illness. My aunt’s power of attorney did not address Medicaid issues. It did not address what happened if her agent became incapacitated. So, when her agent, the one person she had trusted to handle her legal and medical affairs, suffered a stroke, the poorly crafted cookie cutter legal documents she paid for were useless. Who would act on her behalf? Would I have to travel thousands of miles to file a petition in her state’s courts for a guardianship? Would I even qualify—not being a resident of her state?

It was then that I decided to start learning everything I could the about the laws and legal issues that affect the elderly. I simply didn’t want other families to go through what we had gone through – a loved one was thousands of miles away, and I was powerless to help her.

Every Case is Unique
That’s why our approach is different. Every individual facing issues related to elder law has a unique set of circumstances. We do not employ a cookie-cutter approach. What we do employ is five-star rated legal drafting software. This software employs a team of attorneys that continuously monitor changes to federal and state laws. They keep us and their software regularly updated so that we can provide you with the highest quality most up to date legal documents.

Elder Law is Complex
That’s why this year alone I’ve undertaken countless hours of continuing education classes on Medicaid planning and elder law issues. And this training is ongoing and extensive because having had a loved one fall victim to ineffective legal planning, I am dedicated to providing the best information, solutions and professional services that my staff and I can provide.

Asset Protection
Asset protection is an integral part of our enhanced estate planning services.  Depending on the circumstances, there may be a number of enhanced estate planning techniques that could preserve a portion of your assets — without disqualifying you from Medicaid.

Durable Power of Attorney and Medicaid Planning
There are many times when it is crucial that family members be able engage in Medicaid planning on behalf of a loved one. But in order to be able to accomplish this, that loved one must have given their agent (usually a family member) the authority to make those decisions. This is done through a durable power of attorney. If this document meets certain requirements, it will continue in effect even when the person who executed the document becomes incapacitated. However, unless this document specifically gives certain authority to the agent, it is useless for Medicaid planning purposes. Most cookie cutter powers of attorney fail to contemplate Medicaid planning. Our enhanced estate planning services include properly crafted durable powers of attorney that provide the necessary powers that agents need in order to engage in Medicaid planning for a loved one, while at the same time including language that protects the loved one and respects their testamentary objectives.

Firm Description

Established in 2002, we are here to help you with your elder law needs. With the average cost of a nursing home at around $6,300 per month and life expectancy at around 79 years of age, elder law attorneys are planning an ever increasing role in helping clients and their families navigate issues involving not just estate planning but also medicaid planning, crisis planning, and special needs planning. We assist our clients with Medicaid ready powers of attorney, estate planning, Medicaid planning, special needs planning,and V.A. pensions.


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