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Richard Seff

Law Office of Richard M. Seff, Esq.

Richard Seff

Law Office of Richard M. Seff, Esq.

Richard Seff

Law Office of Richard M. Seff, Esq.

It all starts with listening. Attorney Richard Seff brings his unique skillset as a former social worker. He doesn't speak legalese. He asks you questions and listens to what's important to you. 

Some estate planning firms sell documents. That's not how we work. An estate plan is just that, a plan. Your family is unique, your goals are unique. We need to understand you, your loved ones, your assets, and exactly what you're wanting to accomplish before we can even begin to talk about an appropriate estate plan for you. 

Some of your goals probably relate to your tangible assets and money, but many of our clients also want to pass on their personal legacy. Your wisdom, your values, your life experiences are an important part of the wealth you have to pass on to future generations. Do you have a child who needs encouragement to get back on track? We can help point them in the right direction through your plan. Maybe you want to encourage a strong work ethic or financial wisdom? We can do that too. Maybe you just want to ensure that your family doesn't disintegrate into a mess of conflict when you pass away? We can address that, and minimize the likelihood that your family will be the one that's torn apart.

Once we understand what's important to you, then we will tailor a plan to your unique situation and goals

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Our California Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney Provides the Guidance You Need to Gain Peace of Mind

An estate plan is much more than a set of documents. Your estate plan will affect every aspect of your life—you, your assets, your loved ones—so it should be able to move and grow along with you throughout life’s changes. While other firms may offer boilerplate documents prepared by an attorney that you never hear from again, we tailor our plans to each client. We protect what is most precious to you, make your passing as easy as possible for your loved ones, and allow you to make decisions with confidence.


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