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Paul William Hamilton

Hamilton Estate Planning

Paul William Hamilton

Hamilton Estate Planning

Paul William Hamilton

Hamilton Estate Planning

Hamilton Estate Planning helps you protect your past, present and future with experience in establishing estate, guardianship, conservatorships and more for clients.

Paul Hamilton and his team help guide parents or families who have a child or a family member with special needs. We know how difficult and emotional it can be to prepare for future of your loved one and we are here to help guide you through all of the issues. Our experience and planning can ensure your loved one will receive the best possible care for the future.

Firm Description

At an early age my parents told me I was going to be a lawyer—primarily, because I liked to argue.

What I’ve learned over the years is that lawyering isn’t as much about arguing as it is about helping people. That’s what drove me to estate planning. It offers me the ability to use my skills to help people solve their problems.

Estate planning and the decisions involved delve into some of the most intimate and emotional parts of peoples lives. It’s not easy to address our own mortality—most folks want to stick their head in the sand and not deal with it. I’ve watched that scenario play out in my family and in others. In most cases, that does not turn out well. I’ve spent years working with people to make sure their wishes are documented to give them peace of mind. My team takes what is a dreaded task for many and makes it simple and clear—passing along not just your possessions, but also your values, to your family members. I am passionate about what I do—I enjoy the challenge that each client brings.


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