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John Murphy Jr., Esq.

Safe Harbor Wills and Trusts

John Murphy Jr., Esq.

Safe Harbor Wills and Trusts

John Murphy Jr., Esq.

Safe Harbor Wills and Trusts

John Murphy has been a practicing attorney for over 20 years. More than 10 years ago, he saw the impact that poor estate planning and asset protection had on his wife's family when one of her grandparents required nursing home care. Since that time, John has dedicated himself to learning all he can about asset protection, estate planning and Medicaid to help families preserve what they have worked so hard to save.

Firm Description

SAFE HARBOR WILLS AND TRUSTS was established by John M. Murphy, Jr., Esq. with one goal in mind: Help families keep the money that they worked a life time to save.

Since that time we have expanded our mission to also help small business owners and professionals protect their livelihood from financial disasters.

Safe Harbor can help protect you from financial catastrophes which can result from long term nursing home care, lawsuits, financial predators, death taxes and other life events which put your money, and your family's well being, at risk. These protections can even extend to your children and grandchildren.


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