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Jerry L. Siefers

Jones, McGlasson, Arter & Siefers

Jerry L. Siefers

Jones, McGlasson, Arter & Siefers

Jerry L. Siefers

Jones, McGlasson, Arter & Siefers

Jerry L. (J.L.) Siefers, Jr., was born and raised in Speedway, Indiana.  He graduated from Speedway High School in 1984. 

J.L. graduated summa cum laude from the Robert R. McKinney School of Law at Indianapolis, Indiana in 1992.  He also earned an MBA (1992) and a Masters of Business (1996)  degrees from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.  He has been a member of the Indiana bar since 1992. 

Before joining the firm, he ran a successful elder law and estate planning practice for over twenty-five years.  

J.L. currently serves on the board of area not-for-profit organizations, including Community Justice and Mediation (CJAM).  He has served other local, national, and international not-for-profit organizations in the past such as Area 10 Agency on Aging.

He and his wife, Sandy, have two sons, Jonathan and Ben.  Jonathan is an Aerospace Engineer with Honeywell Aerospace in Phoenix, Arizona.  Ben graduated with a Computer Science degree from Indiana University. He is currently a graduate student at Georgia Tech University in Atlanta.  

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Who We Serve

We work with individuals and families across all generations.   In fact, many people who use us will have never had an attorney before.  If you think you need an attorney or are just not sure, feel free to contact me to find out I might be able to help you.

I don’t work with everyone. My practice is focused on Indiana elder law, Medicaid planning,  estate planning, Indiana probate, and mediation services.

See if you are the type of client we work with.

Are some of these statements true for you?

  •  I have never gotten around to doing any estate planning. How do I get started? How much does it cost?
  • Do I really need an estate plan? We had our wills drafted years ago. Is it still valid? Do we need to review our estate plans?
  • My husband or loved one just died.  What do I need to do next? How do I settle his affairs? How do I probate a will? How do we terminate his living trust?
  • We just had a baby. How do we make sure our child is protected if we die? Do we need an estate plan at our age? Is it expensive?
  • I need help paying for my husband’s nursing home expenses.  Can he qualify for Medicaid? Do we have to lose everything to own to get it? Can our assets be protected?
  • We just bought a living trust at a presentation and have second thoughts. Do we need it? Is everything the presenter said true? What assets do we put in it? Was the living trust done correctly? Can we get our money back?
  • My family is fighting over my mother’s money or things.  Can mediation help us find a solution to our conflict?

Jerry L. Siefers, Jr. is an attorney with Jones, McGlasson, Arter & Siefers, P.C. in Bloomington. He limits his legal practice to elder law, estate planning, probate, and mediation.

If you have questions or comments in the areas of elder law, estate planning, trust (including special needs trusts), probate, guardianships, or Medicaid asset protection, you’re invited to contact Jerry as follows:

Jerry (J.L.) Siefers, Jr.
Counselor and Attorney at Law
Jones, McGlasson & Arter, P.C.
205 South Walnut Street Suite 3
Bloomington, Indiana 47404
TEL: (812) 332-4431 * FAX: (812) 332-0554

You’re invited to call me!

I’ll gladly talk with you over the phone or in person for free. I’ll help you understand what decisions you face so you can properly plan for you and your loved ones while protecting your assets.

Provided as an educational service by Jerry L. Siefers, Jr. If you have questions or comments, you’re invited to contact Jerry at or (812) 332-4431


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