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Cynthia J Nelson J.D.

Nelson Elder Care Law

Cynthia J Nelson J.D.

Nelson Elder Care Law

Cynthia J Nelson J.D.

Nelson Elder Care Law

Cindy Nelson is an attorney and founder of Nelson Elder Care Law in Woodstock, Ga. She specializes in representing seniors’ rights and interests, and offering peace of mind to families and their loved ones. This includes guiding families that are trying to afford the high cost of nursing home care, protecting assets so an aging family member can live a life of dignity, working closely with clients and their families on estate planning, preparing critical decision-making documents, and advising families about options to avoid a crisis situation in the future.

Firm Description

Many of us have worked hard all of our lives to take care of family and keep some savings for a comfortable, but not lavish, retirement.  Frequently, as we age, it is not uncommon for a serious illness or injury to occur. 

When this happens, you need a wide range of expertise to help you navigate your long-term care options.  There are some very complex laws governing qualifying and using benefits you may be entitled to, such as, Veterans Benefits and Nursing Home Medicaid.  At Nelson Elder Care Law, we are experts on these complex laws and how to get you qualified for the maximum benefit that you are eligible to receive, while at the same time, helping you to avoid going broke in the process. 

Looking at each situation uniquely – we also provide critical planning for the caregiving spouse.  We realize that being a caregiver is a very stressful and difficult responsibility.  We work to protect the well-being and assets so the “well” spouse has enough money to live comfortably even though there are extraordinary medical expenses to be paid.  You do not have to lose your life savings.

If you have people in your life you love, use our services to plan in advance – as you never know when a curve ball might come your way.  If you avoid pre-planning, you leave your family to deal with the emotional turmoil of a serious illness/injury while also trying to find and pay for the required care.  In addition, by planning ahead, you have more options available, you are able to make your own choices, and you give your loved ones the best gift they could ever receive.

At Nelson Elder Care Law, we commit to providing you compassionate legal guidance to help you avoid some of the curve balls that life can throw.


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