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Emily Wilson

Giannasca & Shook, PLLC

Emily Wilson

Giannasca & Shook, PLLC

Emily Wilson

Giannasca & Shook, PLLC

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Firm Description

At Giannasca & Shook, PLLC our attorneys provide Elder Law and Estate Planning services to meet the varied wishes and needs of our clients and their families. Each individual and their family present unique circumstances, and therefore personalized attention is given by our skilled attorneys to assess your circumstances and formulate a plan and course of action uniquely tailored for you.

Much of Elder Law and Estate Planning is about protecting and preserving the assets you worked so hard to accumulate, and transferring that wealth to your loved ones in accordance with your wishes.  But a knowledgeable Elder Law and Estate Planning attorney also takes a hands-on approach to plan for inevitable events such as advancing age and retirement, as well as the potential medical or long term care needs of you or someone in your family.   Our compassionate attorneys also take the time to understand the family dynamic and complex relationships that may exist within your family which we view as an indispensable part of proper planning.    Bottom line, we get to know you and your family and become your trusted legal advisor.  We ensure your financial, medical and legal wishes are carried out so that your family does not suffer the financial and emotional crisis that often arises from lack of planning.


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