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Brad Sperr

Sperr Law Offices

Brad Sperr

Sperr Law Offices

Brad Sperr

Sperr Law Offices

The best part of my job is getting to sit down with clients and just listen. A lot of people think of lawyers as big talkers (and some are), but what I focus on most is actually hearing what my client have to say. Some of the information we discuss can be technical (like account balances and dates of birth), but a lot of it can be very personal. My practice areas, in particular, require me to talk about sensitive subjects with clients. These conversations can be hopeful, such as plans for the future, and they can also be painful, such as a gradual decline in health or the loss of a loved one. The most important skill I have, and one that I work on constantly, is encouraging these conversations and developing the information I need to help my clients.

Everyone needs to become proactive and plan for the future. However, like many people, this need did not become apparent to me until I started a family. My wife, Megan, and I now have two young boys, William and Thomas. While I have practiced in many areas of the law in the past, my focus shifted towards planning as our concerns about their future became our top priority. My diverse past experience and perspective on the various issues families face help me to better address my clients’ needs.

Firm Description

We devote our entire practice to those legal areas most critical to the prosperity, well being, and stability of your family. Through comprehensive estate planning, we help you prepare for the future and ensure your loved ones enjoy the life you envision.  As our clients age, we pay particular attention to the issues faced by seniors, including the financial liability posed by long-term care costs and (when necessary) planning for Medicaid coverage. We also help establish Special Needs Trusts to enhance the lives of your disabled loved ones and preserve their eligibility for public benefits. When the time comes to implement your plans, we guide your loved ones through every step of the way, including probate and trust administration.


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