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Richard P. Schulze

Schulze Law Group

Richard P. Schulze

Schulze Law Group

Richard P. Schulze

Schulze Law Group

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Firm Description

In any professional field, there are neophytes and there are experts. We are neither and both. Neophytes bring curiosity and the desire to learn and do better. Experts bring wisdom and knowledge. We approach each meeting with a client or prospective client with a beginner's mind, with an intention and commitment to understand the person's, couple's, or family's unique concerns, hopes and fears. Our expertise allows us to ask the right questions and listen for what truly matters to you.

We have a vast treasury of professional skills, and with more than 50 years of combined experience, we know how to use them. While these skills and experience are important such qualities are not what matter most to our clients. What matters, is that we listen and we care. We strive to understand what keeps you up at night and, when we do, we have the skills, training and ability to use all the tools available to us to create a plan providing for your long-term peace of mind.


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