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Mark Bobotek

Golden Oak Elder Law, P.C.

Mark Bobotek

Golden Oak Elder Law, P.C.

Mark Bobotek

Golden Oak Elder Law, P.C.

Mark Bobotek has more than 25 years of experience helping families with Elder Law, will and trust and power of attorney drafting and probate/estate administration issues. He works to make complex topics simple so that clients understand their choices and can make good ones. Like other lawyers, he’s written, taught and won awards, but we find that most of our clients expect their lawyer to know the law and don’t really care about a long resume. They want someone who makes issues simple and can be trusted.

Firm Description

At Golden Oak Elder Law, we help seniors and the people who love them discover what they are most concerned about, and find solutions that alleviate their concerns and ensure their needs will be met. We also help younger people who understand that we never really know about tomorrow and want peace of mind now. We do it by asking questions, listening intently, explaining options in easy to understand language, and then using the “magic” of what is known as elder law and estate planning to turn concerns into relief and a sense of hope for the future.

Not to brag, but almost all of our clients feel better about their current situation, the future, and the ultimate well-being of loved ones immediately after meeting with us for the first time. Why not see if you feel the same way?


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