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Gregg Treadway

Treadway Legal

Gregg Treadway

Treadway Legal

Gregg Treadway

Treadway Legal

Gregg Treadway is the principal of Treadway Legal.  His has dedicated his practice to elder law, estate planning, probate, conservatorships, and real estate.

He became interested in elder law when his own father became ill and was confronted with the issues related to assisted living, long term care, and late stage life planning.  Today he has devoted his practice to helping other Tennessee familes navigate the complex maze of Medicaid (TennCare) planning and the benefits application process.

Gregg obtained his Juris Doctorate from Nashville School of Law in 2010 and an MBA from the University of Tennessee in 2008.  He is also a graduate of the University of Memphis where he obtained a Bachelor's degree in organizational leadership.

Prior to entering the legal profession, Gregg was an executive with several Fortune 500 companies in the United States and was the President and COO of a Canadian company.  He is an accomplished professional speaker and has served as a guest lecturer or adjunct faculty member at various colleges and universities.

Gregg and his wife, Tami, currently reside in Chattanooga but have strong family ties and business relationships within the greater Nashville area.  He provides legal services to clients in both areas.

Firm Description

             Are you or someone you love in the 70% of people over the age of 65 that will eventually need long-term care in Tennessee?  In his role as an elder law attorney, Gregg Treadway, the principal of Treadway Legal, is prepared to help you and your family create a plan that ensures the highest level of care and quality of life is retained without depletion of a lifetime of savings or losing the family home through TennCare’s estate recovery procedure.

            Many people faced with long term care have the misconception that in order to engage in family asset protection planning, they must have significant wealth. However, that is simply not the case. As you or your loved one ages, it’s important to design a strategy for using current income and retirement assets in the most effective manner. Medicaid (TennCare) asset protection involves preparing a thorough plan tailored to each family’s specific circumstances and goals. Regardless of a family’s financial status, Gregg can help them preserve assets and protect their home so that there is an increased likelihood of there being an estate to pass along to their children and grandchildren.

            In addition to asset protection planning, it is equally important that every elder has had the proper estate planning documents drafted in the event of prolonged illness or incompetency.

            During each planning engagement, Gregg works with clients to help them understand and make decisions related to:

  • The importance of having a properly drafted and executed Last Will & Testament;
  • Use of trusts and other estate planning strategies in the context of applying for TennCare;
  • Special needs planning for a minor or adult family member;
  • Durable powers of attorney for finances and healthcare;
  • Living Wills or other advance directives;
  • Asset preservation using one or more of the approved spend down strategies that can be used to expedite the process of qualifying for long term care benefits;
  • Guardianships including the selection and appointment of a legal guardian;
  • Conservatorships for elderly or disabled individuals, and;
  • Probate proceedings

            Gregg also assists clients and their families with implementation of a comprehensive plan designed to provide the best quality of care regardless of the setting, secure financial independence of a well spouse, minimize financial and caregiving burdens on family members, increase the potential of leaving an inheritance, and assure that final wishes are carried out per their direction.

            After an initial meeting, clients frequently comment on feeling as though a great burden has been lifted from their shoulders. Gregg’s expertise in the complicated process of applying and qualifying for long term care benefits helps reduce a client’s anxiety that often accompanies the daunting task of navigating the Medicaid maze. It is freeing for them to know they have an effective plan for the future being created by an experienced, caring attorney, and that the plan will provide them and their loved ones with greater peace of mind during one of life’s most challenging times.

Gregg is here to help.  Give him a call today to schedule a consultation.

Client comments:

“As a financial advisor, I have worked with many Elder Law attorneys. Gregg was our first choice when my siblings and I recognized the need for estate planning for our aging parents.  We were very pleased with the outcome.”     - R. Walker

“My 85 year old mother was independent and active one day, and incapacitated due to a stroke the next. I lived 2000 miles away.  I needed “boots on the ground” quickly.  Hiring an Elder Law attorney was the 2nd best decision I ever made.  Hiring Gregg Treadway as that attorney was the best decision I could have possibly made. Not only is Gregg so very knowledgeable about Elder Law, he understood the financial difficulties and emotional stressors families face when a parent can no longer make decisions or live alone.  He personally met with my mother at the Rehabilitation Facility and again as she moved to her assisted living apartment. He was always kind and reassuring. Gregg’s professional guidance and in-person involvement to help me find care for my mother, and secure finances to ensure the best possible outcome for her future care was invaluable.  He was empathetic, and offered expert knowledge about the “next steps” from the time we realized my mother would not be able to go back home, to assisting me with resources to find an assisted living, to the sale of her house, and ultimately  the settling  of her estate.  Gregg was always available, kind, caring, and reassuring as our family faced this difficult time in life.  I highly recommend Gregg Treadway, Esq.  Whether you live next door to your parents, or miles away, whether you are planning ahead or faced with the medical crisis of your elderly parent,   I  genuinely encourage engaging the services of this excellent Elder Law Attorney.”        - S. Singler

"Thank you, Gregg, for leading our family down the unfamiliar road of elder law.  Your guidance helped us maintain our parents' dignity and make the right financial decisions.We are so glad we came to your early in the process."    - T. Walker

"Gregg assisted me and my family as we prepared my dad for nursing home care.  He really helped us navigate a complicated process and explained it in ways we could understand while being caring and compassionate.  He made the whole experience manageable during a very difficult time."   - T. Burr

Education, Associations, & Experience

Juris Doctorate – Nashville School of Law

MBA – University of Tennessee

Bachelor’s Degree – University of Memphis

Graduate of Elder Law College

Member of the Tennessee Bar Association

Formerly associated with Freeman & Bracey PLC, Goodlettsville, TN



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