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Glenn A Stockton

Stockton & Stern

Glenn A Stockton

Stockton & Stern

Glenn A Stockton

Stockton & Stern

As Managing Partner, Glenn focuses on the big picture, both internally and with respect to clients. On the one hand, he is responsible for establishing the firm’s direction, vision and values, and ensuring they are carried out. In addition, he meets with prospective clients to discuss their needs, determines how the firm can best assist them and helps with the overall direction and design of each estate plan. Glenn also assists in meeting with clients every year free of charge to review their plans to make sure they are up-to-date and capable of meeting the client’s goals.

Glenn founded the firm that bears his name in May of 2000. Although his passion is in the areas of estate planning and elder law, in his early years as a “small town attorney” he handled a wide range of cases, including divorces, bankruptcy, real estate transactions, probate, estate planning, contract drafting and review, and general litigation. The experience he gained during this time, particularly in the areas of divorce and bankruptcy, helps him design estate plans with strong asset protection components. It also gives him a unique perspective on the emotional issues families grapple with every day.

Today, Glenn focuses his practice exclusively on estate planning, elder law, Medicaid planning and veterans benefits planning.

Firm Description

Change is a part of life. Our needs change, our goals change, our families change. The challenges we face along the way change as well. At Stockton & Stern, LLC, we provide a breadth of legal services to help our clients manage the often emotionally charged challenges that come with every stage of life’s journey.

We handle a wide range of legal matters, but a common thread runs through them: The families that come to us are often trying to resolve highly personal and emotionally charged issues. This might involve moving a loved one to a nursing home and finding the means to pay for it; litigating a disputed will, trust or power of attorney; establishing guardianship for a minor child or incapacitated adult; or obtaining a favorable result in a divorce or child custody dispute. Issues such as these require attorneys who possess a mastery of the law as well as empathy and compassion for what the family is going through emotionally.


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