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Lindsey Drake

Drake Law PLLC

Lindsey Drake

Drake Law PLLC

Lindsey Drake

Drake Law PLLC

You hire a lawyer for advice, not a document.

All adults need a will, durable power of attorney, medical power of attorney, and a directive to physicians. Parents also need to name a guardian and trustee for their children until the children are over 18.

Estate planning is more than a fill-in-the-blank form. Our years of study and experience help us identify ways to accomplish your goals that you won't find on the Internet or any do-it-yourself estate planning kit.

Will: Written declaration of your wishes; who gets your property and who is in charge

Durable power of attorney: Financial power of attorney giving someone else the power to make your financial decisions on your behalf.

Medical power of attorney/HIPAA authorization: Designates your choice for who will make your medical decisions should you be unable to make them yourself. Grants access to your medical records for up to 2 years beyond your death.

Directive to physicians: Instructs your doctors and your family on whether you wish to use life-sustaining treatment  (life support).

Declaration of guardian: Names your choice should you need a guardian, which is a court appointed role. A guardian usually replaces the power of attorney but could be the same person.

Declaration of guardian for minor child: Names your choice of who will be appointed as guardian should both parents die.

Flat rates for basic estate planning are available.

Revocable and Irrevocable trusts are tracked on an hourly basis and an estimate of cost will be discussed during the planning meeting.

Firm Description

We make house or office calls, or meet with clients at 1213 W. Slaughter Lane, Suite 100, Austin, Texas 78748. With advance preparation, we can do the entire estate plan in one long appointment, but most clients prefer the two/three meeting approach:

  1. a planning meeting
  2. a mid-point review for Q&A, and
  3. a meeting to sign documents.

Most of our work with probate clients is done via email or phone. Our phone number does not receive text messages well and you should not rely on text. We rely heavily on technology so we can work with clients who are not always in Central Texas.


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