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Daniel McGowan

Law Offices of Daniel McGowan

Daniel McGowan

Law Offices of Daniel McGowan

Daniel McGowan

Law Offices of Daniel McGowan

For more than twenty years,  Attorney Daniel McGowan has built his reputation on personal service, experience, professional ability and a genuine dedication to providing creative and innovative approaches to complex legal issues in the areas of Florida elder law, Florida probate law, Ohio elder law, Ohio probate law, Pennsylvania elder law, Pennsylvania probate law and the probate process and in civil trial work.

Firm Description

The Law Offices of Daniel McGowan, LLC is a full-service law practice, with extensive experience in the areas of litigation and trial practice, elder law, and probate law and trust law.  Daniel McGowan is well known for his experience with the probate process and Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio and probate courts.  He has a reputation for being accessible and for his thoughtful and innovative manner he solves probate problems and other civil disputes. In addition to his legal skills, Daniel McGowan is personally and deeply involved in the communities in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.


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