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Brad Sarkauskas

Heritage Law Office of Wisconsin

Brad Sarkauskas

Heritage Law Office of Wisconsin

Brad Sarkauskas

Heritage Law Office of Wisconsin

As the founding member of the Heritage Law Office of Wisconsin, LLC, attorney Brad Sarkauskas is equipped with the tools--through his extensive background in the financial sector--to effectively represent his clients' legal economic interests. For over 20 years, he lent his expertise in finance, insurance, and taxation to clients as a financial adviser. He aided in ensuring his diversified clientele made successful endeavors to accumulate wealth, developed sufficient investment strategies, and drafted a thorough and realistic plan for their financial future.

In his role as an area developer for a nationally acclaimed tax franchise, attorney Bradley Sarkauskas assisted thousands of clients in preparing tax returns, both business and personal. Businesses have sought out his services and guidance through intricate tax-related issues. He's rendered useful advice to tax preparation firm locations and CPAs for over a decade in multiple states, including Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin. In addition to these contributions, Brad has hosted a long-standing financial radio broadcast that aired on several stations, reaching listeners in multiple states.

The exemplary legal services Mr. Sarkauskas delivers is credited to the extensive knowledge and experience he's acquired over the course of his life. He has successfully protected the interests of his diversified list of clientele and continues to fight for the rights of the elderly and disabled each and every day.

Firm Description

Heritage Law Office works with families that are worried about losing their life's savings to nursing home expenses.

People who need sufficient and effective legal advice, whether it is to provide for loved ones, to manage assets, or to plan for long-term care, are likely seeking an attorney who they can trust to lead them in the right direction. For those who value legal counsel with distinctive qualities like experience, integrity, and a heart to serve, the attorneys at the Heritage Law Office of Wisconsin, LLC are the right professionals for you.

Our goal is to guide you through the complex network of regulations and costs you'll encounter when managing your estate or planning for your retirement years so you can achieve the goals you've set. We want our clients to have peace of mind knowing that they and their loved ones have a plan.

We understand that the outcome of your legal issues and concerns will have a lasting impact on your life, the lives of your loved ones, or your business. With this in mind, we continually make sure that we do everything possible to provide the best services and results for you. At our firm, we recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective because our clients and their circumstances are not the same. Our distinctive approach to our clients' needs is personalized, and the results you receive will be best suited for your particular issue.

At the Heritage Law Office of Wisconsin, LLC, the genuine concern we harbor for our clients and their well-being is the core of our practice. Our fulfillment comes from the service we give to our clients and our community across Wisconsin. If we can empower families and individuals to take the reigns in planning their estate or when making decisions for their future, we've accomplished our mission.


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For the convenience of our clients, Heritage Law Office offer both fixed price and hourly pricing.

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