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Anastasia Fainberg

Legacy Law Group

Anastasia Fainberg

Legacy Law Group

Anastasia Fainberg

Legacy Law Group

Anastasia Fainberg is your new trusted advisor on the matters of legacy, estate planning, elder care, and business planning. Most importantly, Anastasia is the proud wife of Marat and mother of Daniel, Raphael & Adele, and finds greatest joy in spending time with her family. Anastasia’s story as an attorney really centers around her family – her ultimate objective is to help her clients secure the future of their families and create a conscious legacy now.

As a parent, wife, and business owner, Anastasia recognizes the importance of legal planning, so that the legacy that you have worked so hard to build does not get stuck in a messy conflict or disappear after one generation. Anastasia’s objective is to help you secure that what you’ve worked so hard to create for generations to come and build a relationship with your family across generations.Anastasia helps her clients build the legacy today and become a great example for their successors, so that the legacy continues and gets stronger for generations to come.

Firm Description

Welcome To Legacy Law Group

Denver's And Fort Collins's Estate Planning Law Firm

Welcome to Legacy Law Group, where we provide peace of mind for you and those left behind!

At Legacy Law Group, we strive to be your legacy planner and advisor for life.  Your legacy is so much more than just your assets and valuables; it’s also the values that you have developed in your life’s journey, your lessons, your examples, your experiences.  And over time, your legacy will change.  You deserve a life plan that evolves with life’s changes – from protecting your minor children from strangers and foster care if something happens to you,  to protecting your hard-earned legacy from the expenses of long-term health care and nursing homes.

And it is our privilege to be with you every step of the journey.  At most estate planning and elder law firms, the relationship ends when you sign your documents.  At Legacy Law Group we see the signing of the documents as the beginning of our relationship with you and your family. We provide complimentary estate plan reviews to all of our clients, and we hold family meetings, so that we can meet your loved ones and stay connected with you and your family throughout time and across generations.

So come on in and tell us your story, so we can really hear what matters to you and help you to discover how to keep your family out of court and conflict and to make the most of your life’s legacy.  Helping you make sense of estate planning and elder law is our legacy and our goal is to provide you with exceptional service.  Peace of mind for you and those left behind is our dream for everyone.  Our core values are the four Es: Empowerment, Excellence, Echo, and Eternity. 

We Empower you to leave an Excellent legacy, that Echoes to others through Eternity


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