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Adair Brent

Law Office of Adair W. Brent PC

Adair Brent

Law Office of Adair W. Brent PC

Adair Brent

Law Office of Adair W. Brent PC

At the Law Office of Adair Brent, P.C., our founding attorney has dedicated her efforts to elder law since 1998. While completing her law degree, Adair had a personal experience that heavily influenced her decision to focus on estate planning. Because of this experience, her unique understanding of and extensive familiarity with similar situations have forged a strong shoulder to partner with you in weathering the heaviest burdens life offers.

Adair remembers her experience well. "I learned very early to expect the unexpected. During my last semester of law school, I was elated to learn I was pregnant with my second child and devastated to learn that my mother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Then, on the day my son was born, his father was diagnosed with brain cancer. In 1998, I had a 3 year old and an infant and their father and grandmother each had deadly cancer. A nurse patted me on the shoulder and said, 'You will be fine, honey.' Today, I still want to go back and ask that nurse, 'Me and what army?' Nothing was fine."

"Even with all of the trauma I experienced, we were blessed more than we deserve, and as I struggled to meet the very different needs of those closest to me, I realized that many other people also struggled to meet the needs of their families, which made me decide to do everything I can to help."

Adair’s two decades of experience equips her to assist clients through life challenges by providing the following services:

  • Powers of attorney

  • Medicaid planning

  • Estate planning

  • Guidance through the probate process

  • Health Care Powers of Attorney

Firm Description

Guidance And Planning For Your Future

Our primary mission is to provide the knowledge, care and guidance you deserve while building a plan for the future and protecting your estate for those you love.


  • Elder law

  • Medicaid planning

  • Wills

  • Trust

  • Estate Planning

  • Guardianships

A Lawyer and a Source of Support

Our clients understand the difference in three words: compassion, understanding and caring. Adair's professional career centers on full support and diligent legal guidance for our clients' needs.

By taking a personal approach to legal matters, Adair builds relationships with our clients that allow her to understand their individual situations. This understanding ensures that as she assists them with the legal side of planning, the personal side of planning for the future remains at the forefront.

Discuss Your Family’s Need Today

If you live in southern Indiana and you would like to discuss the needs your family has with our lawyer, you can take advantage of our offer for a free initial consultation at our law office in Bedford.


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