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Ombudsmen: Front-Line Advocates for Nursing Home Residents

Disagreements with a nursing home can arise regarding any number of topics, including the quality of food, troubleso...

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Nursing Home Can't Honor Resident's Request for White-Only Caregivers

A federal court in Indiana has ruled that a nursing home cannot honor patients' requests for caregivers based on race...

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Should You Sign a Nursing Home Admission Agreement?

Admitting a loved one to a nursing home can be very stressful.In addition to dealing with a sick family member and ...

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Group Calls for Federal Probe into Florida's Firing of Nursing Home Advocate

A nursing home advocacy group is calling on the federal government to investigate Florida governor Rick Scott's recent ...

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Adult Children Could Be on Hook for Parents' Nursing Home Bills

The adult children of elderly parents in many states could be held liable for their parents' nursing home bills as a...

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Nursing Home Residents Win Back Right to Sue

In an unexpected move, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is forbidding nursing homes from entering into binding arbitration agreements with a resident or their representative before a dispute arises.  

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How Bad Off Is the Nursing Home Industry?

Some nursing homes are reaping profits at the same time that many are cutting back on care workers ... 

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Obama Administration Gives Up on Long-Term Care Insurance Program

The Obama administration has decided to halt implementation of the CLASS Act, a proposed national long-term care insurance program...

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