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End-of-Life Care Decision Making

Just as we create estate plans for our eventual demise, we also need to plan ahead for the possibility that we will become sick and unable to make our own medical decisions. 

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Is Assisted Suicide Legal?

Assisted suicide is a controversial topic, but what exactly does the law say?

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To Ensure Your End-of-Life Wishes Are Honored, a Directive May Not Be Enough

The traditional way to communicate one’s wishes is through an advance directive, and a growing number of Americans have these documents.  But while advance directives are a good start, by themselves they may not guarantee that your wishes will be followed.  

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Schiavo Case Underscored Uncertainties in End-of-Life Planning

The long legal battle over the fate of Terri Schiavo cast a much-needed spotlight on the importance of medical direc...

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ElderLaw Radio Interview: Ending Life on Your Own Terms

The American Bar Association's leading expert on laws affecting the elderly explains how to ensure that your e...

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State Laws Create Obstacles to End-of-Life Planning, Study Finds

State laws governing "advance directives" erect many barriers that make it difficult or impossible for individuals ...

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Avoid Disagreements Between Your Power of Attorney Holder and Health Care Proxy

Because the individuals will have to coordinate your care, it is important to pick two people who will get along ...

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A Brief Overview of Dementia

The term "dementia" is thrown around a lot in discussions of elderly individuals, but what exactly does it mean?

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