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Adult Day Care: Providing a Break for Caregivers

Caregiving is hard work and it is easy for caregivers to get burned out.

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Elder Care: The Road to Growing Old Is Not Paved

It is rare to find such a clearly written and concise guidebook to the confusing patchwork of programs, services and facilities that confront the aged in our society. 

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What Are the House Ownership Options When Parents and Adult Children Live Together?

Increasingly, several generations of American families are living together.

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Federal Program Helps Nursing Home Residents Move Home

Once someone enters a nursing home, it isn't always easy to move out again ...

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Why You Need to Plan for Long-Term Care

Thinking about a time when you will need help taking care of yourself is not fun. That is why most people put off discussing long-term care until it can't be ignored.

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Home Care Agencies Hiring Unqualified Caregivers, Study Finds

A new survey has shed light on the hiring practices of private home care agencies, and the news is not good ... 

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Scorecard Ranks States on Long-Term Care Services

A new report ranks states on the quality and accessibility of their long-term care services and concludes there is a lot of room for improvement.

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New Rule Requires Homebound Medicare Patients to See Doctors

Doctors must now meet face-to-face with their patients who are receiving home health care if the patient's visits are to be reimbu...

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